golden man

Super Tuesday

Came and went.

Less primary

Than chance to vent.

So vent I shall:

I am deeply distressed.

At the state of our politics;

Candidates hard to digest.

Bombast leads the national race.

Void of shame, void of grace.

Speaks to vilify, speaks to base.

Speaks of body parts with a straight face!

It is the ego, not the man

that sways the masses.

Pits race against race,

Beatifies capitalist classes.

It is the ego, not the man,

that champions his rise.

Whose single talent

is to self-aggrandize.

“I am the greatest.

I am the best.”

When ever in an election

Has lack of humility been so expressed?

And the politics of fear?

Alive and well

Gathers unto it our huddled masses

Unexpected groundswell.

Build a wall;

Keep the rapists out.

Grand and tall,

‘Cause there can be no doubt,

Immigrants are bad.

They don’t have my clout.

And while we’re at it,

Muslims are very bad, too

So let me at them,

Just watch me subdue.

I’ll bomb the shit out of ISIS…

It’ll be beautiful.” (It’s true)

“I make deals

I make great deals.”

Good Lord if I had a dime–

I’d be richer than he is

By summertime.

Making great deals

Is not governing a nation.

Or diplomacy or commanding armed forces–

Are NOT this man’s station.

Why are people following this guy?

Why is intellect in such short supply?

Or reason?

Or charity?

I ask you, why?